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A financial data feed without restrictions

Use Intrino's Data to Power Your Creations


Build applications that provide insight to your customers with Intrinio's easy to integrate data.


Create your own models or use our templates to quantitatively analyze stocks and securities with ease.

Google Sheets

Access financial data on the go, on any device, anywhere, anytime and share your analysis on the cloud.

Bank Data

If it's in an FDIC call or UBPR report, you can now access it in Excel or API format through Intrinio’s Bank Data Feed.

Real-Time Prices

Intrinio's integration with the IEX TOPS feed affords our users with a flexible data source for real-time stock prices.


Instantly discover the intrinsic value of companies and scenario test your assumptions using our valuation engine.

3rd Party Apps

See the potential that is unleashed when our users get their hands on easy to use, affordable data.

Second to None

"I have been a Bloomberg subscriber for many years and feel that I pay for far more functionality than I actually utilize.  Intrinio provides me the ability to pay only for what I use.  Rebuilding my models using their Excel Add-in has been very straight forward and their customer service is truly outstanding.  Their team's attitude and response time is second to none.  They have even given me direct access to their developers when dealing with more intricate questions."

Paul Simon, Blueshift Capital Management

The Data You Need Without the Rigamarole

Lowest Cost

We can tell you our prices are the lowest in the world and that our pricing model is elegantly intuitive but we figured you would prefer to see for yourself. Our free plan gives you 500 daily API calls, so put our claims to the test.

Highest Accuracy

Intrinio obtains its data algorithmically instead of with outsourced data entry. This makes the data cheaper, but it also eliminates human error and gets the data to you in minutes instead of days. Test it out for free - our error rate is petite.

No Redistribution Fees

Financial data is useless without analysis and analysis is meaningless without an audience, but most data providers slap their customers with redistribution restrictions. Go ahead, pull our data in and show it to your customers, thats the point.

Save Money and Make Time

"I found Intrinio to be a reliable, comprehensive and inexpensive financial data provider, always improving and expanding services...Their response time and level of service is outstanding.”

Steve, CFA, retired CFO & investment manager

Professional Data on a Ramen Noodle Budget

Students in the University of South Florida’s Intro to Finance course used the Intrinio Excel add-in to learn how to build a discounted cash flow model to value a business. Leaving out data entry leaves more time to learn data analysis.

Our Customers Love Us. This is Why.

Financial Analysts

  • Reduce existing seat licenses
  • Expand access to data for the entire organization
  • Don't pay for data you don't use
  • Don't lose access for periods of non-usage


  • No redistribution fees- restriction free access
  • Pay for what you use and forget about seat licenses
  • Easy to integrate API, work flexibly and fast
  • 500 daily calls for free - start testing today


  • Students use the data in class on their computers
  • Entire university, cost of a dozen textbooks
  • Works on Mac, PC or the cloud
  • Pre-built lesson plans for professors

Get Ready to Test Your Assumptions

Intrinio’s API and financial data products will enable you to reduce seat licenses, expand access to data in your organization, and build insights that create value for your customers without the hassles you have learned to put up with from traditional providers.